Emotional Health Week 2024

Emotional Health Week 2024

Next week is Emotional Health Week 2024; a time for all of us to think about our own thoughts and feelings, and what we can do to improve them.

What is emotional health?

This describes how we think and feel, including our sense of wellbeing and how we are able to cope with what happens in our lives. Good emotional health does not necessarily mean that you are happy all of the time. Instead, it means that you are able to react to proportionately to the events that occur.

People who are emotionally unhealthy may find it difficult to express their own feelings and, by extension, find it hard to empathise with others’ emotions. Conversely, they may also overreact to certain situations, for example, by becoming overly saddened by something negative that happened during the day.

Regardless of any other factors, everyone has emotional health and is impacted by it in different ways. That’s why its important to take the time to reflect and be honest with ourselves about what we’re feeling.

You can find more information on this by visiting the initiatives’ official website. If you’re worried about your mental health you should always talk to a medical professional. We have some other great links on our wellbeing page.