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What is the Next Steps Centre?

After your course is finished, we will continue supporting you in whatever way we can. The sense of achievement you'll get from finishing your programme of study is a massive plus, however, that will soon fade away if you're worrying about what to do next. One of the ways we counteract this is by inviting you to our Next Steps Centre; a purpose-focused area in St Hughs House where you can research opportunities, develop your CV, and seek guidance from the Next Steps Team.

Laptop Access

The Next Steps Centre is fully-equipped with laptops and high-speed internet, enabling you to send emails, search for new opportunities and research jobs. All of these laptops have access to MS Office Software, meaning they can also be used to update your CV, create PowerPoint presentations, and design spreadsheets.

Expert Advice

We have a dedicated team of Next Steps Support Staff ready and waiting to provide free advice. You can ask them for help with anything - from tips on what interview clothes to wear, to guidance on transport links to your new workplace - no question is too small. If you're unable to pop in, you can always make a phone appointment instead.

Success Story

David's Next Steps

Despite his shy and quiet nature, David is one of the most brilliant and positive learners to come through Crosby Training’s door.

A graphic designer by trade, his life took an unexpected twist when he was made redundant from the long-term career he had been building for over a decade.

Low on confidence and in need of a real boost, David got in touch with Liverpool City JobCentre about possible training opportunities and was then referred on to us by his Work Coach, Gavin.

David was enrolled onto our Get Smart programme, which aims to provide learners with the advice, training and qualifications they need in order to progress back towards the job market.

Despite his technical background, David was admittedly a little rusty when it came to the ever-changing world of online job search. His CV was so sector-specific that, despite his willingness to apply for roles in a number of sectors, he was just not able to secure any interviews or self-market his skills effectively online.

David was enrolled onto qualifications in employability skills, customer service and digital skills, and we had every belief that these would propel his life forward and help him find the new direction he was hoping for.

With a laptop loaned to him for the duration of the programme, David went from strength to strength. Not gaining his qualifications, but also building new friendships with other members of his group. He even took part in a wellbeing trip to The Farm; where he helped his team build a giant planter and played them some tunes on his ukulele.

After finishing his course, David visited our Next Steps Centre on several occasions, working with the Support Team to research jobs and fill out application forms. It was a long and sometimes even frustrating process for David – however – he kept smiling throughout his entire journey and always believed in himself.

His belief was not misplaced, and David has gone on to secure a position as a Call Operative with the NHS.

I totally enjoyed my time with Crosby Training and will miss all of the staff.

*some names and details have been changed

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