Our Courses

What to Expect

We run a wide range of short-term courses in a variety of different sectors, a selection of which you can explore below. The length of your course may vary but, generally, programmes last between 2 to 5 weeks. We understand that you may have other commitments - such as, medical appointments - and we will do everything we can to remain as flexible as possible to accommodate any of these issues.

Step by Step

Course Journey

Induction Day

You will be given a full induction before your course starts, this includes checking your ID and completing your Enrolment Form. You will also take part in a one-to-one Advice and Guidance session to identify any additional support needs that you may require.

Course Begins

Your course will begin on a separate day to your induction, ensuring as much time as possible is spent on your learning and development. Your Tutor and Course Support person will guide you, and the rest of your group, through each step of the process.


Half-way through your programme, we may carry out a Mid-Term Review. This provides us with the opportunity to check your progress, talk about anything that you've been struggling with, and to put the building blocks in place for the remainder of your learning.

Course Ends

By the time your course ends, you will have completed all the coursework necessary to gain the qualifications you were studying towards. This is a great chance to tie up any loose ends and talk to your Tutor about your future plans.

Exit Report

This final review gives us the time to talk to you about your Next Steps and put in place the support you need in order to make these plans a reality. It's also an opportunity for you to tell us about your time at Crosby Training and what you thought of the experience.

Next Steps

We'll continue to work with you even after your course is finished through our Next Steps Centre. This further support could include use of our Free Laundry Service, a visit to The Salon, or additional assistance with job applications.

Your Choice

Learn More

Pick from the options below to read more specifically about the courses that we offer and what they entail. We are always updating and evolving our offer so, even if you don't see a topic that grabs your interest, feel free to give us a call and discuss another pathway forward.

Sector-Based Work Academy

These programmes are delivered directly in partnership with employers. You will gain a guaranteed interview upon successful completion.

Digital Skills

Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or just looking to improve your skills, we're confident our course of study will teach you something new.

Empowering Women

A confidence-building course tailored specifically towards the needs of women. It's all about positivity and taking the next step on your journey.

Get Smart

Our longest-running course to date, Get Smart covers everything from personal hygiene and manging your money, to developing your CV and interview skills.

Warehousing & FLT

Fast-track your way towards the Warehousing sector with study that will not only prepare you for work but also offer you the chance to gain an FLT Licence.

Next Steps Centre

After your course is finished, you will gain access to our Next Steps Centre. This is a free service that enables us to continue offering you dedicated support.


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