Digital Skills

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The digital world can be terribly daunting if you've never had the benefit of dedicated training. A lot of people are too nervous or embarrassed to say that they're unsure about using a computer but we're here to remind you that there's no need to worry. Our Digital Tutors will give you all the time and support you need.

Skills Refresh

Sometimes, a lack of practise can make us all a bit rusty. So, if you're feeling the need for a skills refresh, we can help you blow away the cobwebs. Using a computer is just like handwriting a letter - if you haven't done it for a while, it can take some getting used to. We will work with you to get your digital skills right back up to date.

Go Further

No matter what your level of training, we're confident we can teach you something new about computers and help you to improve your digital skills; while, at the same time, providing all the other confidence-building benefits of a Crosby Training course. If there's something specific you want to learn, then please just ask us for more info!

Level Up

Our goal is to help you reach your full potential, that's why we're willing to support you as you progress up through the levels. Even if you're starting from scratch, with no knowledge of computers at all, if you're willing to put in the time and effort - then we're willing to give it all back. From Entry Level to Level 3, we've got you covered.

Our state of the art Digibus allows us to travel all across the region, delivering Digital Skills directly to the heart of your local community.

Equipped with a range of laptops and accessories, our bus is wheelchair accessible and has plenty of room for a small group of learners to learn, jobsearch, interact and engage.

We’ve parked up at JobCentres, Shopping Centres, Office Blocks, Community Centres, Libraries, Hotels and tonnes of other locations throughout the North West and beyond. So, if you see us out and about, please feel free to pop in and see what we have to offer.

Our Tutors can talk to you about everything from updating your CV to staying safe on social media, and they’ll be more than happy to help you with your own device if you have any troubleshooting problems.

You can give us a call on 0151 922 5500 to find out more!

Success Story

Carol Levels Up

Having worked at her local betting store for over a decade, Carol was becoming frustrated at the lack of opportunities for progression. She knew she could do more for her branch if she was just able to gain some extra skills enabling her to better utilise their computer systems.

That’s where our dedicated Information Technology Training programme, coordinated by our expert tutor, Jane, came in. We were able to provide Carol with a fully-funded, comprehensive training programme specifically designed to take her digital skills to the next level.

Carol was working long shifts with varying patterns and her programme was therefore delivered via a blended model, combining distance learning with supplementary classroom sessions, to ensure she was always able to attend sessions and get the most out of her time.

Due to the fact that she only had a very old notebook-style laptop at home, Carol was also loaned a brand-new Crosby Training laptop for the entirety of her course. A move that greatly diminished her chances of encountering the loading symbol that Jane has famously named, ‘The Donut of Death.’

Training covered everything from MS PowerPoint to Using Email, not only providing Carol with new skills but also developing those that she already had. Within weeks, she had progressed onto even more technical aspects of learning, including a unit on the structure and use of Databases.

With her new qualification in hand, Carol has already been able to secure a promotion to a new position at her store as a Regional Engagement Rep. She says the move has provided her with more freedom over her time and a greater role to play in the future of the company she loves.

*some names and details have been changed


Device Advice

Our expert Tutors and Support Staff can provide advice on everything from Desktop Computers to Mobile Phones. Whether it's setting up a new email address or finding out how to change your SIM Card, we have the knowledge to help.


~ Desktop Navigation

~ Keyboard & Mouse

~ Browsing Safely


~ Touch Screen Navigation

~ Downloading Apps

~ Creating a Passcode


~ Cloud Backups

~ Social Media

~ Bluetooth Linking


~ Troubleshooting

~ Compatibility

~ Proper Usage

Get Online

Laptop Loans

It's almost impossible to apply for a job these days without a laptop or internet connection. Even those of us who are able to get online through our phones know how difficult it is to perform tasks - like updating a CV - on such a small screen. That's why we offer free laptop and internet dongle loans whenever they are required. We also have a dedicated Resource Area - The Next Steps Centre - with a bank of laptops that learners past and present learners can use throughout the working day. If you're booked onto a course that includes remote learning, we will arrange for you to pop in and collect your laptop from our Head Office. Or - if you're unable to make the trip - one of our lovely drivers will be happy to drop it off straight to your front door. All we ask is that you use the device responsibly and return it to us in the condition that you received it.