For People

For People

If you are out of work we can link you up with employers, give you the skills they are looking for and get you an interview. It’s never training for training’s sake with us. It’s never just the latest scheme. We will not waste your time. It’s always about getting you in front of a good employer and helping you get that job. We know how hard jobs, people and prospects have been hit by the effects of the pandemic, but we also know there are new job opportunities at all levels, for example in on-line retailing, deliveries, logistics, warehousing, IT / digital, health, care and wellbeing, science and pharmaceuticals. Once you are in new work, we can help you do well, with one-to-one support and any extra training needed, especially in the first weeks and months of a new job.

For All People

If you think it’s too hard to get a job and have a career; if you think there are too many barriers in your way, we can help you prove yourself wrong. If you have a disability, long term illness or other physical and mental health and wellbeing needs, care responsibilities, low confidence, bad experiences of work and training; if you’ve had a few knock-backs, we can help take these barriers down.

What We Can Do

No matter what your circumstances, we’ll always have a choice of programmes for you. Our qualified advice and guidance staff will sit down with you, listen to you, and assist you in selecting the best programme for your needs. We want to know about any skills, interests or work experience you have, and we want to talk about your goals and your life; including any barriers that may be frustrating you and blocking your path to employment.

Develop Your CV

You may have never had an interview or feel like you have nothing to put on your CV. Don’t worry, we can fix all of that for you. Our staff are experts at identifying transferable skills and they’ll design a CV that you can be proud of; even if you’ve never worked before. By the time you leave us, you will be confident about job interviews and writing the sort of job applications employers dream of. You will have new skills, new experience, new confidence, new friends and a new beginning.

Advice and Guidance

Through our Initial Advice and Guidance process, we can offer you links to a vast range of charities, companies and organisations you may never have even known existed. Our advice is tailored to your specific needs so – whether you’re a recent graduate looking for your first job, or a single mother in need of a suitable childcare service – we’ll provide the right advice for you.

Ongoing Support

Even after you leave we’ll always be here to offer ongoing support. Not sure of the directions to your interview venue? Give us a call and our staff will tell you the best way. Unable to access a computer at home for jobsearch? Come into our office on any weekday and use our free resource area. No matter what the issue, if you find yourself needing some extra help, we’re just a phone call, email, or visit away, so please feel free to get in touch.



SBWAs (Sector Based Work Academies) are sector specific programmes with a guaranteed job interview for successful completion. They're a great option if you know what kind of job you're looking for and, throughout our history, we've ran SBWAs with a wide range of big name companies; including, Athena Healthcare, Alternative Futures Group, Costa Coffee, KFC and Sainsbury's.


Get Smart

If you feel job ready but you're not quite sure why you're never getting that job interview, Get Smart may be the perfect programme for you. It focuses on developing your employability skills and providing you with the tools to effectively search and apply for jobs. You even get two-hundred pounds in Love2Shop Vouchers for full attendance and successful completion.


& Many More

We run a variety of other courses that are tailored to the needs of different people. New Futures, for example, is all about instilling confidence in young people and providing relevant experience. Empowering Women, meanwhile, focuses on helping women returners get back on the job ladder. So, no matter what your situation, speak to us and we'll find a course that's right for you.

The Salon

When it comes to your confidence and self-belief, looking the part can sometimes be just as important as having the skills.