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Expert Training

Delivering Quality Candidates

If you’re an employer, then yes, it’s definitely all about you too. We always listen to what you want in your employees and will endeavour to ensure we deliver candidates that are matched to your exact specifications. At Crosby Training, we have hundreds of links and contacts that you can use to find help with your issues and start moving forward.

Supporting Development

Ongoing Provision

Even after a client moves on to employment, we will continue to offer the support that ensures you are getting the best employee possible. This could range from specific additional training to practical help; for example, arranging travel to their first shift.

Sector Based Work Academies

We have delivered multiple SBWAs with a variety of well-known employers – including, Alternative Futures Group, Athena Healthcare, Costa Coffee, Sainsbury's and Smyths Toys – all of which have led to our clients landing their ideal roles and our partners landing their ideal employees. These courses focus on providing people with the job-specific training required in order to perform well at interview and hit the ground running should they be successful.

Linda's Success

We met Linda during a course we ran with Sainsbury's and we knew from the word go that she was going to do well. Linda passed her course with flying colours, there was just one problem; she had no way of getting to her job interview. Enter our driver, Dave, who cancelled his Saturday morning date with the football to pick Linda up from Bootle and drive her there. It was a good job he did, too! Because a few days later we were welcomed into the store by a jubilant Linda working her very first shift.

Latest News

Read up on all the latest Crosby Training news, including updates on the recent courses and SBWAs we've been running throughout Merseyside and beyond.

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